Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas Time...

That time of the year is here, the countdown has started. Now I am generally very low key about it all. Not "Ba Humbug" as such but just take it in my stride. I love shopping online for the event as it takes the stress completely out of it. Going to the shops at this time of the year means queues and lots and lots of traffic, even on a Monday. I dislike that feeling of panic that seems to envelop you when your out in it all. That feeling that you should buy more or do more. We have a very quiet family time and thats fine with me. Nothing more stressful than who cooks the turkey dinner.

I also notice that the sales happen right after I have done my Christmas shopping and that item I purchased is then half price. That does nark me a bit but it cant be helped, unless your one of those organised people who buys everything in the January sales and is ready for Christmas already. Not me!!

Need to get a few more things online and some items to fill the kids stockings and then of course the big food shop (expedition).

Sian x