Sunday, 4 May 2014


I love second hand clothing. I love to have a cup of tea and trawl through the listings looking for the perfect item at a bargain price too.

 You can get really good deals on pre-loved clothing . New, nearly new or good quality second hand. Whats not to like. Some people don't like the idea of wearing something that someone else has worn. But when you think about it, most clothing you try or buy in shops has been tried on my many many people before you actually hand over your money for it.  Of course there is also the fact that you pay over and above for brand new items. The retailers make a huge mark up on items that you will wear for a couple of months and then discard or put to the back of your wardrobe. Its environmentally good too ( if that's your thing).  I do love a good rummage through a second hand shop too but in my rural area there are not that many good ones

You can find high end designer items and medium end items ...whatever style you like and you can guarantee that you will look different. You will have your own look that is unique to you . You can be your authentic self.  I love quirky and love dressing a bit different.


I find pinterest great for sourcing things I love then putting them together on a board as an outfit and then seeing if I can find the items on ebay or pre-loved. Great way to spend a hour (or three)!!

Do you like buying and wearing pre-loved clothing?

Sian x

(Pictures from Pinterest)


  1. Hi Sian,
    I don't mind as long as they are in very good condition, as I have gotten some good deals on ebay. Stop by when you can.. I posted a few new spring outfits :-)
    jess xx

  2. i LOVE second hand, no problem at all with pre worn, when i think about my own wardrobe, i wear stuff once and sometimes less, so it is less 'worn' than something from a hanger. And of course the ultimate in proper recycling.

  3. You inspire me with your ebay purchases Alexandra and your own person style is lovely and bespoke. I don't like looking like everyone else (bit of a black sheep) so although I do buy from my fave places I love to source good second hand stull too

  4. I bought a lovely 'very bright' Boden Orange Mac on e bay I love it and got it for £6,we do have lots of good quality charity shops by us which I can spend many an hour in.My daughter has always sourced her clothes this way and remember her getting teased at girls in her school!x

  5. Hi Becky, I don't get notifications for some reason so sorry I missed this. I really am a big fan of ebay and use it a lot. Love a bargin.