Saturday, 5 April 2014


So true I feel. Elegance transcends fashion doesn't it? It is pretty much timeless but it is for the young and the old. It is stylish but in a subtle personal way. Fashion tends to be loud and at times brash. Elegance is quiet and demure but has impact. It can suit everyone and is understated. I think that it also requires more of a capsule wardrobe that can last years. Each season it can be adapted by adding some colour or well chosen accessories. It makes getting ready each day simple and you know you always look good.
Catherine Deneuve is always elegant.
Katherine Heigl is another elegant lady even when dressed casually. She has got a lot of bad press at times for dressing too old but I think that it is a look that suits her.
Elle McPhearson ( love her style) is elegant but in a more unstructured laid back boho way.
I love her quirky touches to an outfit though.
Sharon Stone does Elegant well but she is also one to add her own stamp on it.
Even dressed casual she still manages to look effortlessly stylish.
I strive to look elegant but also in a more boho way and love little quirky accessories that can change an outfit. I love all the pretty cute flowery outfits but only to look at or style other people with. They just don't work on me. Well.....maybe I can have the odd flowery scarf.
Do you like to look Elegant and who's Elegant Style do you most admire?
Sian x


  1. I love the Sharon Stone black and white outfit, I would pinch that in a nano second. I am slightly divergent on this one, as generally people considered 'elegant' are pretty beautiful to begin with. I am really interested in the 'improvement' achieved by the right clothes; Princess Anne's Wedding dress, Sarah Jessica Parker (in almost anything), Wallis Simpson, Clare Balding when she nails an Ascot outfit and of course the lady herself, Coco Chanel.

  2. I agree with you and think that's what I was trying to say. Anyone can look elegant if they choose the right outfit and dress in an understated way. But even someone considered beautiful can look a dogs dinner if they dress badly.

  3. I, too, like Elle's summer style ( just wish I had the body ) and I used to like Jennifer Aniston, a lot, but she hasn't really offered up anything new recently and I don't like her new hair. I now get most of my inspiration from Pinterest and the other ladies of our age who write superb blogs. H xx

    1. Hi Helen,
      I used to like Jens look in Friends. It has gone off a bit since then hasn't it but I do confess that I love her new hair.

  4. Hi Sian!
    I had to comment, being that my blog name is!
    I do like to look elegant, and mostly wear skirts, as I just feel most dressed up in them and dresses. If I wear boyfriend jeans or cargos, I try and dress them up with a jacket or special cardigan, accesories. Personal style as well as confidence can show elegance as well.
    Stop by when you can, jess xx

  5. he he! You are always elegant Jess x