Thursday, 13 March 2014

Clothes hunting in the Mist...

After me posting about needing some new Summer shoes the other day as it was such a lovely warm day and I was convinced that Summer had indeed arrived.  But then the mist descended and it is still here. I know the sun is up there somewhere as I get occasional glimpses but seriously its like being in the film Silent Hill. So weird! Anyway I went to Asda for a few bits today (an hours drive from me) and had a look in the clothes section as you do and noticed a trend. Could it be new or am I just the last to know. Im probably the last to know aren't I . Its this look of putting a peplum on the bottom of .....well everything really. Long jumpers, dresses, t shirts etc.

This is the bottom.  Do you like it?
I also saw some cute little ballet flats that are so lovely and would look great with long maxis and and three quarter length trousers this Spring/Summer.

I think they are really pretty but haven't tried them on yet to test the comfort factor. Has anyone else tried them?
I have bought some purchases on ebay recently so waiting for all of them to arrive. Its like Christmas waiting for the postman to deliver them. Don't you love that feeling of "winning" something.....its such a rush until you have to pay!! lol!!.


  1. Hi there !! Jess from the States :-) THanks for leaving such lovely comments. I love the pink and the mint colors, these colors are very trendy now, but they look great for summer. The only thinig I would be cautious of is they don't seem to offer much support, otherwise , very cute :-) The first pic, is this the town you live in, Beautiful!

    1. Hi Jessica, yes got to agree about support but I was just thinking of having them to use around the house instead of my cosy wool bootie slippers that I use in winter......and the photo of the beach is the little seaside town near where I live. It is lovely and so quaint. Lovely to hear from you.