Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Whats your signature style......

Lovely Rosie

Effortlessly stylish Kate

For me these two styles sum up the style I aim for. Simple, uncluttered plain items that you can add your own signature touches to. I love blank canvas clothing that doesn't wear me the same way that patterns and flowers do. I have always disliked them ever since the 70s when my Mothers friends all seemed to be wearing big flowery dresses. I like to add scarves with a small flower on if I am hankering after the prettiness of them.

I like the look of relaxed unfussy clothes that feel part of you and not trying to hard....even when Im going somewhere more formal.  Maybe its my upbringing in Australia that brought about this attitude ......long lazy days spent on the beach and endless years of sunshine and warmth. Perhaps our upbringing does have some bearing on our "style"......does yours?

This is Shell Beach in Western Australia where I spent a lot of lovely lazy days growing up.

Where did you grow up?


  1. i grew up in blighty, but would like to be on that beach NOW!

  2. mmmmm!....it does look good after the wet windy winter we have had doesn't it Alexandra :)

  3. I grew up in Toronto and New York. I hate to blame my wearing almost all black on NY...but there it is! My signature style is changing but these days it's simple lines in elegant fabrics. Cashmere in clean lines shapes, non fussy and no pattern.

  4. Hi Jennifer, I have to admit, I too love black and its my "go to" look when I don't know what to wear. Dress it up or dress it down....just works doesn't it? I also prefer to wear plain clothing (no patterns) with clean lines and then dress it up with a leather belt, scarf or piece of jewellery. :)

  5. Hello. I have found your' blog and will now follow. I truly believe that I didn't settle into my own sense of style until after I had my little girl and turned 40 ( both happened at the same time ) I am much more comfortable and I am now willing to try different things. I used to be very much into the way Jennifer Aniston styled herself. How gorgeous is that beach!!!! H xx

  6. Hi Helen, lovely to see you :)
    I was very fashion conscious until I had my children in my late twenties and then began the fashion blackout lol!!! It wasn't until they were 12 and 13 respectively that I found my mojo again. That beach is indeed very lovely.....sigh!!!!