Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Body Image

Im very low maintenance. Do my own nails, my own hair, love shopping for amazing bargins on ebay. I don't do labels at all. Never have. My makeup lasts a long time and I buy whatever suits...expensive or cheap. Use a baby wipe in the morning to take off last nights makeup, a bit of moisturiser and makeup, wash hair, blow dry and im done.....or am I???
I love style but not so much fashion. I like to work with my body shape which is a tall hourglass. I like to look relaxed in my clothes rather than trying to hard. I think I achieve this but sometimes I look at what I have on and think it looks great and then I can look again hours later and think "What on earth was I thinking". Its still the same outfit but the way I see myself has changed. This can be influenced by seeing another woman who I think looks better than me or just catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror and then judging myself.  Do most women think like this or is it just me?



  1. Almost every day! The first glance in the mirror ranges from 'that'll do', to 'that's not bad' but by the afternoon I usually feel that I got it wrong. Even on my wedding day! The only time that I ever felt that I got it right and the feeling lasted all night was a New Year's eve in the Caribbean, I tried extra hard as had got it sooo wrong the previous year.

  2. Its a horrible feeling isn't it when it happens. Happily minding your own business, feeling good and then you see yourself in a mirror and your heart sinks. I know its shallow but the feelings are very real.