Saturday, 5 April 2014


So true I feel. Elegance transcends fashion doesn't it? It is pretty much timeless but it is for the young and the old. It is stylish but in a subtle personal way. Fashion tends to be loud and at times brash. Elegance is quiet and demure but has impact. It can suit everyone and is understated. I think that it also requires more of a capsule wardrobe that can last years. Each season it can be adapted by adding some colour or well chosen accessories. It makes getting ready each day simple and you know you always look good.
Catherine Deneuve is always elegant.
Katherine Heigl is another elegant lady even when dressed casually. She has got a lot of bad press at times for dressing too old but I think that it is a look that suits her.
Elle McPhearson ( love her style) is elegant but in a more unstructured laid back boho way.
I love her quirky touches to an outfit though.
Sharon Stone does Elegant well but she is also one to add her own stamp on it.
Even dressed casual she still manages to look effortlessly stylish.
I strive to look elegant but also in a more boho way and love little quirky accessories that can change an outfit. I love all the pretty cute flowery outfits but only to look at or style other people with. They just don't work on me. Well.....maybe I can have the odd flowery scarf.
Do you like to look Elegant and who's Elegant Style do you most admire?
Sian x

Monday, 31 March 2014

The Best Banofee Pie I have ever tasted!!


My daughter and I went out to a lovely art gallery today as we both paint. She loves her acrylics whilst I love my watercolours. There was this amazing artists work on show and her name was Penelope Timmis. I loved the colours and the freshness in her work and the way she paints. This is some of her work.


And this is where we went

Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw, Llanbedrog, Gwynedd

Its a beautiful Gallery and old house and has the most amazing café in the conservatory that serves delicious huge slabs of homemade cakes, I had a slice of banoffee and my daughter had a slice of lemon cake. Yum!!! all washed down with a panad of course  (cup of tea).
 The weather was lovely and then on the way home there was a lightening storm which we caught on film.
It was the best lightening storm I have seen in years. Guess after the two wonderful hot days we have just had here,  something had to give.
The pictures are the work of artist Penelope Timmis and are being shown at Oriel Plas Glyn Y Weddw at the present time.

Friday, 21 March 2014

As Old As You Feel.......

Do you know what I find difficult, working out what I should be wearing. I mean I have my own style that I love which I always default to but sometimes you wonder if you should be dressing differently when your over 50 than you did when you were say, 40. Im not boasting or anything .....honest....... but people are very surprised when they find out my age. They think Im in my late 30s which is great of course but does further confuse the issue of what I should be wearing.  Do you see my dilemma? Do I dress for the age people believe me to be or do I dress the way the stylists say you should when your over 50. Arggggg! I think I actually dressed quite old when I was in my early twenties, spending my wages on designer items and smart little suits and lovely high heeled shoes and the softest leather matching bags.  I think my style changed after I had my children. I went through the wilderness years of childrearing not really bothering with clothes much and then changed again as they entered their teens. I somehow found me again and renewed my interest in what I wore. I ran a small boutique for a few years and spent my days helping other women find outfits that suited their shape and colouring and I loved it but still never really felt sure of my own look. Maybe its just a lack of confidence in myself image. How do you feel about dressing for your age (and knees).?


These are my favourite looks today......

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring has Sprung !!!! Yay.....

Well the rain is here and the gales, have had them for two days now. Very blustery and am wearing my warm winter long padded coat again. But it is the first day of Spring excited.
Was having a look at some other blogs today and one of my favourites is Such a cute blog and a lovely lady with her gorgeous hubby and little children. She finds some amazing things in second hand shops and wears them in a way I can only dream of. Today she had on a gorgeous little Boden cashmere cardi which then sent me off to the Boden website. I don't like flowery patters myself but love their plain items. Checked one of my social network sites and found that they have a 20 per cent off everything today until midnight to celebrate International Happiness Day. Now that is a day worth celebrating don't you think. Code is....To the beach! Get 20% off everything today with codes H5X7 (for the UK ) and X5E5 (for the US) until midnight!

Here are some of the items I have put on my wish list to show my nearest and dearest in time for Mothers Day maybe?......

I might even quickly add something myself right now. Well it would be rude not to really wouldn't it.?

(apologies but I can seem to get the link to work)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Another Sunny day.......


Well the fog has lifted and the sun came out to play today. We went for a lovely walk on the beach and let our toes feel the sand between them. Bliss.... Picked up some cute shells to. Then we went to the lovely café on the seafront and had frothy coffees and cream cakes and watched the boats from the windows. It wont be long till the visitors arrive and then our sleepy little town will be brimming with people everywhere you look. People on holiday having fun and enjoying whatever the weather throws at them. There is something lovely and old fashioned about British holiday towns. I love them and wouldn't live anywhere else now.

Came home and sat down at my laptop to view some more clothes that I have now put on my wish list for long Summer days.......

Then I got to thinking about Mothers Day as my daughter asked me what I wanted.  I said I would get back to her and have been looking around for some ideas......and here they are....

And of course I wouldn't say "no" to a nice cup of tea in bed.......

  What I like most about Mothers Day though is just having my children home with me for some of the day and having a laugh and a giggle with them.
What do you do on Mothers Day?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Clothes hunting in the Mist...

After me posting about needing some new Summer shoes the other day as it was such a lovely warm day and I was convinced that Summer had indeed arrived.  But then the mist descended and it is still here. I know the sun is up there somewhere as I get occasional glimpses but seriously its like being in the film Silent Hill. So weird! Anyway I went to Asda for a few bits today (an hours drive from me) and had a look in the clothes section as you do and noticed a trend. Could it be new or am I just the last to know. Im probably the last to know aren't I . Its this look of putting a peplum on the bottom of .....well everything really. Long jumpers, dresses, t shirts etc.

This is the bottom.  Do you like it?
I also saw some cute little ballet flats that are so lovely and would look great with long maxis and and three quarter length trousers this Spring/Summer.

I think they are really pretty but haven't tried them on yet to test the comfort factor. Has anyone else tried them?
I have bought some purchases on ebay recently so waiting for all of them to arrive. Its like Christmas waiting for the postman to deliver them. Don't you love that feeling of "winning" something.....its such a rush until you have to pay!! lol!!.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

What a Beautiful Day.....

Today was the first really truly warm day that we have had here. It was so lovely that I sat in the garden with my cup of tea and just bathed in the warmth of the sun on my face. I got very excited then at the thought of more days like today and warmer. I love Summer as its wonderful to wake up early and go outside with a cup of tea or coffee and just sit and listen. I did however realise that I didn't really have any summer shoes worth wearing so I will have to remedy that quite soon. I did sort of like this small selection though from White Stuff.

I love their shoes as they always come across as casual and laid back even when dressing up (if you know what I mean).
I have also been growing my hair and want it in a longish bob for a big event coming up this Summer and I have found a brilliant picture of the style I badly. Its the latest Tesco model.  Only another couple of months and it will be just like it.
I adore bobs and have been growing my hair for awhile now from a shaggy short layered look. Do you like bobs?