Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Christmas Time...

That time of the year is here, the countdown has started. Now I am generally very low key about it all. Not "Ba Humbug" as such but just take it in my stride. I love shopping online for the event as it takes the stress completely out of it. Going to the shops at this time of the year means queues and lots and lots of traffic, even on a Monday. I dislike that feeling of panic that seems to envelop you when your out in it all. That feeling that you should buy more or do more. We have a very quiet family time and thats fine with me. Nothing more stressful than who cooks the turkey dinner.

I also notice that the sales happen right after I have done my Christmas shopping and that item I purchased is then half price. That does nark me a bit but it cant be helped, unless your one of those organised people who buys everything in the January sales and is ready for Christmas already. Not me!!

Need to get a few more things online and some items to fill the kids stockings and then of course the big food shop (expedition).

Sian x

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Clothes hunting in the Mist...

After me posting about needing some new Summer shoes the other day as it was such a lovely warm day and I was convinced that Summer had indeed arrived.  But then the mist descended and it is still here. I know the sun is up there somewhere as I get occasional glimpses but seriously its like being in the film Silent Hill. So weird! Anyway I went to Asda for a few bits today (an hours drive from me) and had a look in the clothes section as you do and noticed a trend. Could it be new or am I just the last to know. Im probably the last to know aren't I . Its this look of putting a peplum on the bottom of .....well everything really. Long jumpers, dresses, t shirts etc.

This is the bottom.  Do you like it?
I also saw some cute little ballet flats that are so lovely and would look great with long maxis and and three quarter length trousers this Spring/Summer.

I think they are really pretty but haven't tried them on yet to test the comfort factor. Has anyone else tried them?
I have bought some purchases on ebay recently so waiting for all of them to arrive. Its like Christmas waiting for the postman to deliver them. Don't you love that feeling of "winning" something.....its such a rush until you have to pay!! lol!!.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

What a Beautiful Day.....

Today was the first really truly warm day that we have had here. It was so lovely that I sat in the garden with my cup of tea and just bathed in the warmth of the sun on my face. I got very excited then at the thought of more days like today and warmer. I love Summer as its wonderful to wake up early and go outside with a cup of tea or coffee and just sit and listen. I did however realise that I didn't really have any summer shoes worth wearing so I will have to remedy that quite soon. I did sort of like this small selection though from White Stuff.

I love their shoes as they always come across as casual and laid back even when dressing up (if you know what I mean).
I have also been growing my hair and want it in a longish bob for a big event coming up this Summer and I have found a brilliant picture of the style I badly. Its the latest Tesco model.  Only another couple of months and it will be just like it.
I adore bobs and have been growing my hair for awhile now from a shaggy short layered look. Do you like bobs?

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Getting in Shape for Summer

Reading Alexandra's post today at  that she is starting back in the gym tomorrow gave me the kick up the bum I need to get back into my gym routine. Summer is coming and I don't want to be covering up again. This year I would like  - no- make that I am going to get fitter and go down a couple of dress sizes and get a fitter more flexible body that doesn't ache in the morning when I get out of bed. Im noticing that with each passing year my muscle tone is getting slacker so I will be using my lovely pretty coloured weights to redefine my body and my treadmill to burn off some of my excess weight. I will also incorporate some hill walking nearby. I would love to have the body of my dreams but always let myself down by starting then tapering off when something I deem more important needs doing. What could be more important than feeling good about myself and my body. Anyone want to join me........anyone?

(Im so sorry if my link to doesn't work....I shall have to ask someone how to do it.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Whats your signature style......

Lovely Rosie

Effortlessly stylish Kate

For me these two styles sum up the style I aim for. Simple, uncluttered plain items that you can add your own signature touches to. I love blank canvas clothing that doesn't wear me the same way that patterns and flowers do. I have always disliked them ever since the 70s when my Mothers friends all seemed to be wearing big flowery dresses. I like to add scarves with a small flower on if I am hankering after the prettiness of them.

I like the look of relaxed unfussy clothes that feel part of you and not trying to hard....even when Im going somewhere more formal.  Maybe its my upbringing in Australia that brought about this attitude ......long lazy days spent on the beach and endless years of sunshine and warmth. Perhaps our upbringing does have some bearing on our "style"......does yours?

This is Shell Beach in Western Australia where I spent a lot of lovely lazy days growing up.

Where did you grow up?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentines Day...

Do you love it or hate it? Maybe it depends upon whether or not you have a Valentine to buy that card for. Some people hate it as they see it as nothing but commercialism and refuse to buy into the idea that there is a special day to show their significant other how much they love them. I remember when I was younger and didn't have a boyfriend how much I envied people who did have someone to buy a card for. It seemed to me that it was a day I was excluded from and I often wondered if I would ever find "the one". So that said I do love it and I enjoy choosing a card for my Husband and even more receiving one from him and going out for dinner. We still do "date night" at least once a week though but Valentines Day is just special.


Monday, 9 December 2013

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.......

Its here.........that mad time when the shops are filled with people desperate to get just the right present for each person. Most of us put so much effort into it don't we, in an effort to get it just right.
I haven't started my Christmas Shopping yet, I usually wait till two weeks before as it sort of adds to the excitement of it all but can also be a bit stressful if they run out of the thing you want. I havnt put my tree up yet. My husband usually goes to the forest and chooses the one he likes and brings it home and the kids decorate it. I do my food shop at midnight when the supermarket is really quiet and then it is a breeze. No bumping into other trollies or trying to grab the last pack of mince pies. Everything is being freshly stocked and I rather enjoy the peace that only comes to a supermarket late at night.
One of the things I do love is going to the little towns near where I live to get those special presents that you just cant get in the chain stores. I love the way the little towns near me make their High Streets look. Hopefully it will snow as well, I would love a white Christmas.......would you?

Its already soooo cold here in the moutains. I have my lovely down coat and have been using it for the last month or two and its amazingly warm. Just what I wanted after years of freezing each winter.
Im still on the look out for a pair of snow type boots though. Still looking for these at a good price...

They are just so cute.

Im also on the lookout for something lovely to wear Christmas Day......

I love this would definitely keep me warm whilst looking stylish on Christmas Day.

Oooo and I have these shoes to go with it.

Both of these are from Next.

Hope your enjoying your Christmas shopping and not finding it toooo stressful.

Don't forget the sellotape.........!!!!