Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Maxi Looks......

I love Maxi dresses and skirts. They are so relaxed and have that "not trying too hard" look about them. So easy to pull on. Boots underneath, woolly tights, something on top and your good to go.
They have the comfort factor of a pair of jeans but a bit more......together!!!

Here are some of my favourites I have put together on pinterest

Another closer look

Brown and Green. Fave colours

ooooo this looks so cosy

Quirky, love how you can dress up maxi skirts or dress them down but they always manage to look relaxed.




black and gray maxi dress...

Long skirts in Winter - printed, plain long sleeve T, scarf and tights/leggings if necessary

Elegant and sexy

Love this one for an evening winter do.

I have a few Maxis already and looking on Pinterest has really given me some ideas for styling mine up. Im quite tall so its a tried and tested look that I know suits me, probably more than a shorter skirt really.

Do you like the Maxi look?

Sian x

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Brrrrrr.......It is Cold!!!!

Here in the mountains it is very cold this last week or so. Fires have to be lit and 4 layers of clothing worn ( I kid you not). We live in a very old white stone cottage and don't have central heating, just the lovely welcoming warm fire and various electric oil heaters around the house. The wind has blown a gale off and on for weeks too and then there is the rain BUT on the odd days when the sun shines, it is glorious.

Can you see the sea? Its calm today but it has been amazing lately. Really white frothy waves crashing on the beach.
The trees have now lost all their leaves and replaced by lovely berries
This is the tree I always watch because once its leaves go then it is definitely Autumn.
With the nights now drawing in I decided it was time to hang some more fairy lights up. My daughter loves them and she got me into using them at times other than Christmas (as in all year round :)   )
They are magical and we can all use some magic in our lives cant we?
Sian x

Friday, 22 August 2014

Time to go home....

Now I don't mean this in a nasty way but where I live is a tourist area and for the 6 weeks of Summer that is the school holidays, the place is totally taken over. It takes twice a long to get anywhere. Going for a weekly shop is a nightmare as the shelves are bare, the car park packed and you just cant move for people in the aisles. It really is full on. But....come the end of August and there is a big difference as people pack up and leave and this beautiful area becomes "ours" again. Quiet, calm and driving anywhere becomes so easy. I love the beach, not so much when its crowded though, more like this....



These are my  local beaches and I love walking on them when they are empty,  in late Summer and Winter with an icecream from Cadwalladers ( I have this delicious treat Winter or Summer).  I wrap up in big snuggly jumpers and scarves when its cold...... Lovely!!!

This is my village which is very high up and overlooks the beach.

Speaking of snuggly winter knits, I love these longline cardi's from Next. I have always had these in my wardrobe as I absolutely love them. They are everywhere this season.

This is the one I bought because the colour is most versatile for me. I will wear it with jeans and calf boots. It will look great with my pencil skirt, knitted tights and knee high boots and also with my wrap dress, tights and boots. I love a casual smart look.

Ooooo Im just so excited about Winter dressing. I find it more fun than Summer because you can really play around with outfits and accessories. Which season do you like dressing for?
Sian x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Autumn is coming....

I know, I know its only mid August but all around me I can see signs of Autumn. The blackberries are already plump and luscious. The damsons are getting riper by the day. The leaves on the trees and shrubs are already turning a burnished copper colour and there is that slight change in the air. Its a bit nippy and the sound quality is, well, just different! And me....Im getting all excited about boots and coats. Each day Im considering getting all my winter clothes out and seeing whats what, but every time I consider it the sun breaks through and it gets rather hot in the late afternoon. People come out in shorts and t shirts again. I pop to the beach and people are eating ice creams and going for a little swim in the sea. Buckets and spades and windbreakers are dotted along the sand as families enjoy the last of the summer holidays here in North Wales.

But me, I have been dreaming of some sheepskin boots to keep my feet warm and toasty when its cold. We don't have central heating in our old stone cottage, just a big fire so wearing snuggly jumpers and several pairs of socks is essential. However I have decided that I am going to get a pair this year and saw these beauties on the Celtic& Co website (formerly Celtic Sheepskin).
They are gorgeous. Here is a picture of them...what do you think?

Should I get them?

Sian x

Sunday, 4 May 2014


I love second hand clothing. I love to have a cup of tea and trawl through the listings looking for the perfect item at a bargain price too.

 You can get really good deals on pre-loved clothing . New, nearly new or good quality second hand. Whats not to like. Some people don't like the idea of wearing something that someone else has worn. But when you think about it, most clothing you try or buy in shops has been tried on my many many people before you actually hand over your money for it.  Of course there is also the fact that you pay over and above for brand new items. The retailers make a huge mark up on items that you will wear for a couple of months and then discard or put to the back of your wardrobe. Its environmentally good too ( if that's your thing).  I do love a good rummage through a second hand shop too but in my rural area there are not that many good ones

You can find high end designer items and medium end items ...whatever style you like and you can guarantee that you will look different. You will have your own look that is unique to you . You can be your authentic self.  I love quirky and love dressing a bit different.


I find pinterest great for sourcing things I love then putting them together on a board as an outfit and then seeing if I can find the items on ebay or pre-loved. Great way to spend a hour (or three)!!

Do you like buying and wearing pre-loved clothing?

Sian x

(Pictures from Pinterest)

Friday, 2 May 2014

Looking through the White Stuff website to find an outfit for a special event coming up next month. I just love the kitschness (is there such a word) of their things. Slightly quirky and a bit different.

Some bits I love from Sandwich...

Some bits I am coveting from Orla Kiely...

Not sure what I will wear yet but I know time is definitely running out. I will probably choose something at the end of the month then I will have more of an idea what the weather will be like. We are meant to be having the hottest summer on record this year. Bring it on......endless days of sunshine and just chilling on the beach or in the garden. Getting up and just going outside with my cup of tea. Lovely.